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The Shakespeare Pan-Fandom Ficathon
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Ever wanted to stick your favourite characters in a Shakespeare tragedy to see what they'd do? Ever wondered how Hamlet or Taming of the Shrew would translate in your fandom? Ever thought about one of your muses reciting one of Bill's famous soliloquies? Then you've come to the right place. The Pan-Fandom Shakespeare Ficathon is, as it sounds, a fest for all people from all fandoms, and gives you an opportunity to test out your writing skills and to have fun mixing worlds. Whether you choose to write a pastiche, throw characters from two worlds together, or just use the Bard's genius as inspiration, everything is welcome here. And they do say Shakespeare is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

(for complete rules, click here)

Signups are now open! There are no limits on claims. Plays, sonnets, and bunnies may be claimed any number of times, in any number of fandoms. You may claim as many as you like. The claims post is here.

Fics are due 17 August 2007. Fics must be beta-read. Minimum word counts are as follows:
  • Full Play pastiche: 5000 words minimum
  • Scene pastiche: 1000 words minimum
  • Sonnet-inspired fic: 500 words minimum
  • Script, sonnet, or other Shakespearean format: None

When posting, be sure to use the following format:
Word Count:
Summary or A/N:

**There is no age limit for participants, but you must be of legal age in your country in order to write adult fic.**

**Please warn for potentially disturbing and/or squicky content.**


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Ever wanted to stick your favourite characters in a Shakespeare play and see what happens? The Shakespeare Pan-Fandom Ficathon lets you do exactly that! Pick any fandom, any play/sonnet, and smush them together! Pastiche, crossovers, poems, scripts, Shakespeare-inspired fic...slash, het, porn, gen...anything your little iambic- pentametric heart desires!* If you like the idea of shamelessly plagiarising a genius, sign up now!
*Iambic pentameter not required.


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